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July 17th, 2013, 07:10 AM
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As the polls on all the boards asked came out with a majority "for" a merge, after speaking with the September hosts, we are going to go ahead requesting a merge for August and September, and hopefully July will also be included in the title of the new PR (they were merged with the 2012 PR already) since quite a few July members are now in this PR I think it would be nice.

October are still unsure and are re-polling so we have left it open for them to join later if wanted.

If we are given permission for this to go ahead, there will be some subforum and sticky changes as we won't be able to keep them all "as is" - some may happen at the time and some later. The basic idea is to merge related subforums - for example we both have fitness and pregnancy memories subforums - and keep all unique subforums until it's been fully discussed. Don't panic if some of these retain the September themed name, we will discuss and poll theming at the early get to know you stages, and the current themes can be in the poll if people want them to be, too. It will be a little like a new DDC in many ways, and hopefully exciting in the same way.

Private areas will NOT be merged. We will not be able to keep two separate private areas but we will discuss how to handle this best as a whole group.

Stickies will likely come down and be re-done on the whole but it will depend on the sticky and again it will be open to discussion.

As there is not a current host for August I have asked Rachel to please put one up if she has applications but I will continue to assist and represent August anyway until such time as there is a host who originally came from the August PR.

Not sure when or if it will happen yet as we need admin permission first, and then I'm not sure how long it will take to do, fiddly job I am sure. I am away 20th-28th July, but the Sept hosts will put up some of the discussion threads and start some GTKY if I am not here as we have discussed this together. You ladies are vocal and I'm sure you'll make your voices heard!

Hopefully this will be a good way of moving forward, it is a new beginning, and not something to be feared. Please feel free to discuss and ask questions!


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