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July 17th, 2013, 07:26 AM
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Good questions

Where do you suppose you'll be in 2 years? (geographically, career-wise, etc...) Hopefully still at the same job but back into Digital Marketing and off these internal programs!

What kinds of things do you hope to be doing at that point? Nothing much different.

Where do you suppose you'll be in 5 years? Same pretty much. I don't really care to move states. I suppose I hope we are more financially secure. Maybe with a

Do you have plans for your children at that point (what school they'll be in, hobbies, etc...) Elizabeth will be in 6th grade! I hope she picks a sport and an instrument. Flynn will be in Kindergarten. New baby will be maybe in our daycare preschool. Oh I don't know how I feel about grown babies! Lol

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