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July 17th, 2013, 09:51 AM
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I have mixed feelings on this. My older daughter has nut allergies. Not life-threatening, however, every exposure to the allergen makes the next attack worse. The public areas, yes, I completely agree with Kristen. Just don't go there if you're allergic to nuts. We have to avoid Chick-fi-la b/c they fry with peanut oil.

School, to me is a different thing. I know several times my daughter has been moved to a separate table while they ate pb&j sandwiches. She is very tender hearted & it hurt her feelings. Trust me, I do know how limiting it can be. Most candy/cookies are out of the question. The thing about telling your kids not to offer is all well and good, but little kids don't understand the ramifications. Can you imagine how scarred they would all be if one of their friends went into anaphylactic shock and died in front of them? I guess what I'm saying is I appreciate the schools that go nut free, my daughter's is not, because then I can send her to school with peace of mind that she's coming home safely.

Kristen, have you tried Sunbutter? It's made from sunflower seeds and my dh & dd love it!

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