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July 17th, 2013, 09:57 AM
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Had my 16 week appointment today. I gained just under 2lbs since my last appointment, so the doc was happy with that since I hadn't gained. 2 weeks ago at my last appointment when I was 14w I was measuring 20 I am measuring a whopping 25 weeks!! She commented that I'm going to get huge. haha. Yea, I figured. The babies are pretty much nearing my ribs now...eek. Well, at least they hang out low, so far. Baby A's heartrate was about 159 and Baby B was 130s because I think it was sleeping.

I got my requisition for my big ultrasound and just called to set it up. It's July 30th at 1pm with the maternal fetal center. The next day I have my midwife appointment. I was hoping I'd get to do the ultrasound earlier than that...darn it. That'll be fun trying to get someone to watch the kids two days in a row.... Well, at least the MFM docs tell you what they see on the ultrasounds, unlike going to a regular tech where they won't tell you anything and you have to wait for your doctor to get the report.

So...all in all...good appointment.

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