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July 17th, 2013, 11:03 AM
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^^Lol. Well.......Jo did sorta shoot right out There might be something to that!!

Yeah, Jo looks itty bitty in comparison to Kieran, even as he was at this stage. I feel like she has been in her 0-3 month clothes When, in actuality, most babies prolly wear them for two months!! She is a 40th percentiler for weight, 25 for her head (poor thing), and 95th for height. Weird proportions. But it makes her seem "frail" if that makes sense. Don't tell her, but I do prefer bulkier babies, they just seem so much I won't break them!! I am still holding out hope that she bulks up and gets some rolls. Her cheeks are so chubby that she might stand a chance! Mr. K is still hanging in the 95th percentile area, a bit of a drop from his 99th reign. I just love their squishiness. Enjoy Mr. Gs.

Have fun researching the perfect option. I love baby research, so I can relate.
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