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July 17th, 2013, 11:50 AM
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so this is going to be a tad long and I am so sorry for that but I need some insight or maybe someone else has gone threw this.

Heres a little HISTORY
(have had 1 termination in 2008, a miscarriage in 2011)
April 6th 2013- got my period (was a little lighter than normal but normal cramps and everything)
April 19th 2013- I started spotting so I questioned myself and bought a HPT which to my suprise was positive.
See my dr and my HcG only ever hit 20
Ended in miscarriage about a week or 2 later.

Now to the PRESENT
May- Had a normal cycle
June- Had Normal cycle
July 4th 2013- period is spossed to arrive but doesnt
July 6th 2013- period comes, i don't remember if it was normal or not.

July 14th- Had some weird orangeish spotting, freaked out because of the situation in April, took a HPT and it came up a strong positive within like all of 2 seconds.
Based off my LMP I should be 5 or 6 weeks.
Last night June 18th I bought a clear blue digital and the conception indicator only says 1-2.
I am spotting ( NO bright colours, only dull pink, orange or brown)
I have NO cramps or pain at all.

I cant get into my early planning clinic until the 26th so I just need some help, anyone been through this and went on to have a viable healthy pregnancy?

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