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July 17th, 2013, 04:28 PM
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Yes, this would be basically for that time between when he can pull himself up to sitting, maybe 5 months-ish, and when I am ready to night wean, sometime around 9-15 months probably. He'll need a mattress height where the crib sides to be high enough that it's not a hazard for him to pull himself up and fall out accidentally, and enough of a continuous sleep surface with our bed that a. he won't hurt himself if he rolls off and down into the crib, and b. it is easy for me to reach over and grab him to feed him at night. So I am looking for 3 or more mattress height settings on the crib, too, because we would probably need a middle one, not the lowest or highest.

With DD we had more space and when she outgrew the cosleeper, we just had our mattress on the floor with a twin futon next to it for her. Our current place has tiny bedrooms and limited storage and our bed frame is big and hard to break down. We just barely have room to sidecar a crib in our room. Eventually, when he's sleeping pretty well at night, we'll move him to DD's room and they will share the room. With DD I also slept with her on a queen mattress on her floor for awhile when she got bigger, but there's no space for that sort of arrangement now. Who knows though, we may finally find a house to buy and end up moving to a bigger place... but this is my contingency plan

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