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July 17th, 2013, 06:50 PM
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Do you feed your baby at specific times each day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner?)
Whenever I eat

Where does baby eat? (high chair, seat, at table, in lap, etc)
In his chicco high chair caddy thing that attaches to the table.

How much solid food does baby usually eat during one meal time?
Oh idk? He doesn't do purées so sometimes a bite sometimes a small kid portion his biggest meal is usually lunch.

Does baby eat the same meals you fix for the family?
Yup if we are eating something I don't think he should have I give him a banana or grapes (cut in eights) or something like that.

What are some of your baby's favorite foods?
Bell peppers, broccoli, bananas, and grapes.

Do you offer drinks with each feeding?
sometimes if I do then it is water in a sippy

Do you let baby feed themselves?
Yup otherwise he doesn't eat (besides nursing)

Are there some foods you feed baby without letting them feed themselves?
nope I even let him feed himself yogurt

Any tips/tricks to make cleanup easier?
we have a twister mat under his seat we take it out and rinse it after meals.

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