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July 17th, 2013, 08:42 PM
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I feel I've failed my own thread, but I'll try to keep it up Of late, I have had the end of a busy season at work come to an end. I work from home, which means online, so being on the boards is the last thing I have time for nor want to do I have been packing as we are moving two states away, 4 hours total, and that is just slightly stressful but I'm dealing
As for the pregnancy: I have been wondering why I'm so "big" at this point but finally lamented that being as this is #5, it's probably an "old hat" for my body and I'm just falling into the norm. Whatever. I don't know how big I look because I am a bit chubby at the moment, which is a sore spot to begin with...suffice it to say I'm probably in the grey area where people aren't sure if I'm overweight or pregnant, and I'm not quite round enough for the tie breaker.
I am 15 weeks. I can easily feel more like 5 months, not quite 6, and that's okay. What is not okay is just how over being pregnant I am. There are probably a few reasons for this.
I was jogging 3 5K's a week when I fell pregnant. Now, I'm down to almost nothing with exercise. After this move, I need to pick up something: walking, aerobics, yoga...something. I probably will take walking. I have a double jogging stroller, and it will fit both when the baby arrives. My youngest is 3, and she will fit wonderfully in there.
I have PCOS. Have I mentioned that before? I was really proud of myself for having gotten down to 185 and a comfortable size 14, after the last one was born. It was after a divorce, I was feeling good about myself, and was on meds for PCOS. Then I met my husband, and we wed. Now, the weight maintenance was good while doing Keto, but once we went on vaca to visit his dad, we ate our way there, and I was off the meds. Enter 15 pounds. I lost about 8, and then fell pregnant. Now I'm over 200 again and that is really not cool. I carry my weight well, and I have good image mostly, know, body image is half of the psychology of health, etc. I am working on that daily.
Now I'm over the excessive sleepiness. I've regained most energy. I can't overdo it, though. This is especially problematic when it comes to packing! I also have no appetite one minute, and am starving the, that's a hurdle.

I can't wait to feel the baby. And, it's been quite a while since I have seen the doctor so I need to get plugged in and start that up again, too!

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