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July 17th, 2013, 10:15 PM
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Collie--Any doctor that doesn't know how to look out for that PRIOR to doing a version . . . well, that's scary. My doctor specifically mentioned to me that if her cord was too short they would not be flipping her for exactly that reason. It's scary that doctors would do a version without being skilled and knowing what to look for I know I was with a huge OB practice and only 2 of the many OBs there did versions because they were the only ones skilled at doing them. I also think the OBs to trust are the ones who do the versions in the OR and have you prepped for c-section just in case. Worse comes to worse, you end up with a c-section you would have DEFINITELY had to had anyway. At least with the version you have a chance to avoid it. but again, not everyone is a candidate for this and the doctors should be checking these things (including cord length!!!) to determine qualification. It's scary to me that a doctor could be that dumb to recommend a version to someone who's baby has a too-short umbilical cord. I certainly wouldn't want that guy/woman cutting me open or caring for me after that!
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