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July 18th, 2013, 01:53 AM
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I am in agreement with Kristen on this one. I have NO problem being told that for bday parties or other snack days the shared treats have to be nut free. Josiah's preschool is nut free. But it seems there are other ways to protect the small minority of students who may have life threatening allergies than to limit the entire population's choices for a school lunch. Honestly, if I had a child with allergies severe enough that they could die from exposure to certain foods, I would be requesting extreme precautions at lunch time, perhaps even a separate eating area. And like Kristen, I would most likely be homeschooling if I was faced with that dilemma. And IF the allergies are that severe, I think it is really important that the children be taught how to protect themselves at as early of an age as possible, because they will have to advocate for themselves their entire lives.
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