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July 18th, 2013, 03:28 AM
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I am cross-posting this on July, August and September and will include links to each other's so you can all read everybody's and spot some people you may feel a connection with!

Simply miss out any questions you're not comfortable with.


IRL first name:

Age if you want to share:

Family you live with including ages of kids:


Where in the world you are:

Best & worst things about where you live:

Your status(1) - SAHM, WAHM, or WOHM:

Your status(2) - WTTC, NTNP, TTC, PG, DONE or NONE (please explain):

Your religion/faith/path if happy to share:

Your job or role:

Your main hobbies:

Your talents:

AP, TP or a little of both:

Still BFing or now FFing/solids or a mix:

Your current goals/dreams/priorities in life:

Do you drive or no:

Do you have school age kids or no:

Do you have teens or no:

Are you a blended family or no:

Are you married or no and if no do you want to in future:

Other boards you visit on JM:

Member of JM since:

Are you mostly a lurker, visitor or regular poster:

Are you on FB or not:

Favourite colour:

Favourite food:

Favourite drink:

Favourite animal:

Favourite holiday destination:

Favourite book:

Favourite movie:

Favourite song:

Favourite flower:

Favourite thing about being a mom:

Plans for the summer (or winter if you're Down Under):

Hopes & fears for the new merged PR:

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