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July 18th, 2013, 07:05 AM
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My son has no nut allergy but when he was in public school a Kid in his class did and they said y son would need to wash his hands extra well after eating because at he time peanut butter was one of the few foods my kid could and would eat (gfcf diet). I didn't feel comfortable sending him to school with pb after that. We switched to a nut free spread after that which was fine for my son and didnt put the other kid in danger. We homeschool but ya not an option for everyone and shouldn't be forced on a kid due to an allergy. Our world has become so entitled and selfish though that you never know what could happen. Someone could just ignore a nut free rule and then a child is dead, all over a snack or sandwich the kid could have just had later in the day or on the weekend.

Sorry for lurking. I understand the frustration since pb is one of the few foods y kid can and will eat, but I was glad to find an alternative if it meant not putting another life at risk. That kid had autism also but his parents were not equipped to homeschool him so I don't think that is a fair solution.

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