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July 18th, 2013, 07:08 AM
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Yesterday was my last day of work (Thank GOD). It was another crazy, on my feet for 10 hours, not able to sit down kind of day. I got home from work and ate dinner, then laid on the couch. I started having contractions that were consistently 5 minutes apart. They weren't super painful but quite uncomfortable like period cramps or gas pains. I was convinced that's what they were because I couldn't imagine going from nothing to contractions five minutes apart. I went to the bathroom and tried for a while to see if I could have a bowel movement or pass gas, but nothing. It went on for about an hour and changing positions or drinking water didn't make it better. Then it just started going away on it's own. I went to family night at the swimming pool with DH and DS and the water made my back feel soo much better.
Do you think this was false labor? Intense gas pains? Anyone else have anything like this happen? Today I am having a lot of BH, more than I usually have anyway so I'm wondering if I am getting close. I am 37 weeks today.
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