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July 18th, 2013, 08:22 AM
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IRL first name: Ami

Age if you want to share: ugg 34

Family you live with including ages of kids: My Hubby Mike 36, My oldest son Adam - he will be 7 September 22nd, middle son Nathan, will be 5 September 4th, and Lincoln will be 1 September 5th.

Furbabies: 1 chocolate lab Winchester, 1 black lab Remington

Where in the world you are: eastern pan handle of West Virginia USA

Best & worst things about where you live: best thing - it isn't New Jersey, haven't discovered a worst thing yet!

Your status(1) - SAHM, WAHM, or WOHM: SAHM thinking about starting a small crochet business on etsy

Your status(2) - WTTC, NTNP, TTC, PG, DONE or NONE (please explain): somewhere between NTNP (dh) and TTC (me) haha!

Your religion/faith/path if happy to share: Christian

Your job or role: mom - doer of everything

Your main hobbies: love knitting, and crochet (just learned in the last year)

Your talents: eh... I'm pretty crafty

AP, TP or a little of both: some where in there. I breastfeed and cloth diaper, spank and cry it out.

Still BFing or now FFing/solids or a mix: still BF'ing a few times a day, had some weight issues and now he get formula once a day, and eats people food like it is going out of style

Your current goals/dreams/priorities in life: current goals, get our debt paid off - we are making excellent progress. dreams - still would like to have a girl.

Do you drive or no: yes

Do you have school age kids or no: yes a first grader and pre-k'er

Do you have teens or no: no

Are you a blended family or no: no

Are you married or no and if no do you want to in future: yes for 14 years

Other boards you visit on JM: some

Member of JM since: 2008

Are you mostly a lurker, visitor or regular poster: depends - lurking mostly lately

Are you on FB or not: yes

Favourite colour: purple

Favourite food: mexican!

Favourite drink: not sure I have one

Favourite animal: birds

Favourite holiday destination: uhhh???

Favourite book: love murder mystery books

Favourite movie: Dirty Dancing

Favourite song: Anything by Bon Jovi

Favourite flower: tulips

Favourite thing about being a mom: i dunno, there are lots up perks and lots of not perks

Plans for the summer (or winter if you're Down Under): not much, we go creeking a lot, but we aren't going anywhere.

Hopes & fears for the new merged PR:

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Missing Our Angels gone too soon 6/5/10 (9wks) & 3/1/14 (9wks)
Chemical Pregnancy 5/31/15
Adam Michael 9/22/06 (c-section)~Nathan Joseph 9/4/08 (VBAC)~Lincoln Thomas 9/5/12 (VBAC)

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