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July 18th, 2013, 08:59 AM
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*popping in from Dec PR*

Nina, I have a bunch of food allergies, and his ped told me to introduce everything I'm allergic too anyways and just closely monitor for reactions. He said it's the proneness to food allergies that can get passed down, not the specific allergies. Like I'm allergic to coconut but not eggs. He could be fine with coconut but not eggs, but it would still be my genetics that caused him to have issues. Does that make sense? Fortunately, we haven't had issues with anything yet, so I'm hoping he didn't get my proneness to food allergies. So what I'm telling you is if you're comfortable, you could go ahead and introduce some grains.

Oh, and something I've found with the mesh feeder- put frozen breastmilk cubes in it. Caleb LOVES this (and it's a great teething remedy) and it gives him the opportunity to self feed a bit.
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