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July 18th, 2013, 10:44 AM
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Has anyone done any at home gender test yet?? There are so many out there now a days. My other PR had a list of all the ways you can predict and what everyone's results were. If you have done any what did they say? Here are some of the ones I can think of (some you can't do until later on like the Old wives tales test)

Baking Soda Test. Baking soda gender test | BabyCenter Blog

Moon sign Test AND New Moon/ Full moon Test ( Boy full moon phase Girl New moon phase) You should know your Ovulation day for the Sign one Moon Phase Calculator - Moon Sign Calendar

The Ring test Wedding Ring Gender Test

Chinese Gender Prediction (Make sure you use your LUNAR AGE!!) Chinese Lunar Calendar - Gender Predictions

Store Bought Test Example- IntelliGender

Online Old Wives tales test - There are MANY here is one link though Gender Prediction Quiz | Am I Having a Boy or Girl? | BabyZone

You can also compare your "Sway" Swaying for a girl or boy is when you change your diet, supplements, how you DTD, and so on. You can go here and poke around and see what your "sway" was. We used to have a sub-forum in TTC a Specific Gender where we would guess for you but I don't know what happened to it. :/

Ramzi Theory. What side is your placenta on?? Left Girl Right Boy!! If you have an early U/S ask your tech what side it's forming one. Best before 10 weeks. This theory has been Accurate for me EVERY time. AND almost all the girls I know who used it.

Am I forgetting any??
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