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July 18th, 2013, 12:33 PM
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Where do you suppose you'll be in 2 years? (geographically, career-wise, etc...) I was just thinking about this in terms of my children. My daughter will be going into the 6th grade , my son will be 5, and this little bean will be a toddler. It sorta blows my mind how fast they grow up!! I'd love for us to buy a home further north of San Diego (Temecula) in the next 5 years. If we do decide we are done having any more children after this one, I'd like to put a little more focus on the charity organizations that I'm passionate about, as well as blogging.

What kinds of things do you hope to be doing at that point? Pretty much covered above.

Where do you suppose you'll be in 5 years? Physically, still in CA. Raising our beautiful children, loving the life and family we've been blessed with. We would love to have an RV to do lots of travel during the summertime.

Do you have plans for your children at that point (what school they'll be in, hobbies, etc...): Hoping my daughter will be involved in a school sport (soccer or volleyball), private school, still doing her wonderful art classes. Planning on having our son in little league, swimming, karate. He will likely be homeschooled. Not sure about the little one, we shall see!

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