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July 18th, 2013, 12:35 PM
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IRL first name: Brandi

Age if you want to share: 33

Family you live with including ages of kids: Hubby, 36, dd (11), dd (3), ds (10 mos.)

Furbabies: None

Where in the world you are: Southern OH

Best & worst things about where you live: I enjoy living here (summers can be sticky)

Your status(1) - SAHM, WAHM, or WOHM: WOHM

Your status(2) - WTTC, NTNP, TTC, PG, DONE or NONE (please explain): Teetering B/T WTTC and DONE; I feel like I'd like one more trip around the sun but, not sure if my body is up to it (or if my husband is ready to jump on that merry-go-round)

Your religion/faith/path if happy to share: Christian - I BELIEVE!

Your job or role: Office Mgr/Mktg/Mommy/Wife....Cook, Chauffeur, Appt. Setter, Boo-boo Kisser, etc.

Your main hobbies: My children (sports or whatever else interests them); I also enjoy reading, fishing, camping and relaxing (quite difficult to do with two under 3)...but they're so worth it!

Your talents: Designing/working with computers, sales, drawing, talking lol

AP, TP or a little of both: Lil of both

Still BFing or now FFing/solids or a mix: FFing (although I miss nursing) and solids

Your current goals/dreams/priorities in life: I would like to buy a new home - in the process of renovating, saving and looking; Also looking into obtaining my real estate license

Do you drive or no: Yes

Do you have school age kids or no: Yes, 1 dd in middle

Do you have teens or no: Not yet...does 11 going on 21 count?!

Are you a blended family or no: No

Are you married or no and if no do you want to in future: Married, 14 yrs.

Other boards you visit on JM: Not often, used to belong to June 2010

Member of JM since: Prob 09?

Are you mostly a lurker, visitor or regular poster: Poster/Lurker

Are you on FB or not: Mhmm

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite food: Salad, Oh how I love thee

Favourite drink: Cherry Coke or Mt Dew (you said favorite...not what I drink on a reg basis - special occasions)

Favourite animal: Elephant/Dog; Monkey plays close second

Favourite holiday destination: ?

Favourite book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven; Currently reading Angel Falls

Favourite movie: The Notebook, Fried Green Tomatoes, Bridges of Madison County (Hopeless Romantic) - I also like a great comedy - One Flew Over the Cockoo's Nest, Bridesmaids, Next Friday

Favourite song: Israel Kamakawiwo - Somewhere over the Rainbow

Favourite flower: Lily

Favourite thing about being a mom: Everything - smiles, cuddles, kisses, sharing the bed (with my 3) lol, secret handshakes, songs, laughter, everything, everything....even when my 11 yo thinks I don't remember being her age (hormones) and pouts. Well, maybe, I'm not a fan of that but, still - I can't imagine doing anything greater with my life. I am so completely in love with my children and feel very blessed that GOD chose me to mother them <3

Plans for the summer (or winter if you're Down Under): Summer is "schools out" for my kiddos so, we try to swim (when I'm not at work) and spend time at the park and outside. The season also brings about fairs and festivals that we frequent - good times, good memories to be made

Hopes & fears for the new merged PR: Uncertain

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