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July 18th, 2013, 02:37 PM
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Ah Amber you naming her Susan... beautiful name!

Cd 19
Well I cant believe I am typing this but still no indication of O. I am wondering if the stress of house hunting and this surgery is delaying ovulation. I didn't think I was stressed till the other day. I was anxious about everything! I went to my dr. appt and my surgery is set for next month on the 28th when dh will be home... Still no word on the mortgage since we haven't applied but we did sign a contract with the builder so next week we will be actually filling out the application for the mortgage. Idk when or if I am going to Ovulate any time soon but I dh and I are covering our bases so whenever an egg decides to pop dh swimmers will be ready! ok well hopefully I will be updating soon about an + opk... ttyl

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