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July 18th, 2013, 03:09 PM
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Of the women who tested positive for GBS, did it affect your birth experience, and how? Did anyone refuse the test altogether, and how did that affect your experience?

I am passionately against gross overuse of antibiotics. I tested positive, but refused to accept antibiotics for philosophical reasons. Because of this refusal, i was "required" to stay 2 days at the hospital for monitoring (which of course i would be billed for). This time, i will likely waive the additional day too. Has anyone here tried to do that?

My sister was required to recieve an antibiotic shot in order to give birth at a birthing center. She would have been forced to birth at the hospital if she had refused, for liability reasons of course. So she accepted, sigh.

I am also curious to hear everyone's thoughts on the subject, even if you have not yet experienced a birth with GBS, but have an opinion on the matter of 'proactive' antibiotic use during labor, or strep b risks vs. antibiotic risks in general.
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