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July 18th, 2013, 05:26 PM
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Ok so as some of you may remember I have a history of preterm labor, lupus, and hypothyroidism ... poster child for high risk! So I have been on my twice a week visits to the perinatologist since busting my cerclage and stopping my progesterone shots. Plus I see my reg OB every 10 days... so with a catch up on history here is my update....

Monday I went to see both docs... Jessiah wasn't a fan of the NST and so I had to stay on for about an hour, get buzzed drink juice the whole shabang... my fluid was at 12 and she is still completely head down no hope if a face pic :-(... Ob appt was good too... uterus measuring a little over 36 and my cervix is soft with baby at station 0...

Fast forward to today... last night was horrible! Contractions low and mostly felt in my vagina and baby active as a monkey on speed! Get to peri and my cervix has shortened to about 1 (50% effaced) and I am at station +4.. she was moving so much through the nst the monitor kept coming off! However her heart was reactive.. she has good breathing on ultrasound!

But the best news... since we had to get a transvaginal scan she tried for a face... and we got eyes nose and.... arm... yay!

So I am strict bedrest.. if labor starts it won't be stopped. My sched csection is Aug 5 (37w 6d) because my dr going outta town but she is checking me on the July 25 (36w 2d) before she leaves to make sure I don't need delivered before she goes. My kiddos are with bio dad in Ohio and won't be back until 30th so hoping for the best which is ultimately a healthty baby girl!

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