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July 18th, 2013, 05:42 PM
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well, i WAS pregnant but started spotting last sunday and my dr ordered betas, my first one on monday was 458 (5w3d), and the second one thursday was 105 (5w6d).... so obviously this pregnancy is over. i havent started heavy bleeding, just brown spotting all day long every day. i have had a few heavier moments and a tiny bit of tissue/clots but am waiting for the heavy bleeding to start. Can anyone tell me how to count your cycle days from the miscarriage? should i count the first day of heavy bleeding (whenever it starts) as CD1? or wait till the bleeding stops and then the next period starts?

7/12/13 @6w
1/22/16 @5w4d
3/27/16 @5w

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