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July 18th, 2013, 05:53 PM
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Your not alone. I did announce really early with this pregnancy BUT DH and I feel very strongly about waiting as long as possible to tell his parents. We still haven't spilled the beans to my in-laws. They are obsessive and overbearing, they act like THEY are the ones who are about to have a new baby. Some people might like that but DH and I are semi private people and their behavior becomes overwhelming and stressful. They go as far as trying to tell us what to name the baby, invite themselves to every Dr appointment, talk about how they are going to be IN THE DELIVERY ROOM, and during my last pregnancy they bought a crib, car seat, clothes, bottles (even though I said I was going to EBF), and much much more stuff to keep at their own home in case baby were to sleep over at their house a few nights.... Ummm, NO!! DH's mom even went as far as to ask me to make a death will and put her as the legal guardian if anything were to happen to DH and I. It got CRAZY!!! I just can't deal with that stress this time. I know they will be very hurt and upset when they find out we are expecting and waited so long to tell them, but it's for my own mental health. I just can't deal with all the crazy!

After we lost Clyde my MIL was even saying things like I didn't understand pain... that she felt more pain than I because not only did she lose her grandbaby, she has to see how much heartache DH and I are going through... Umm, yea... she has NO IDEA!!

Sorry I just needed to get all that out. But yea... your not alone as far as wanting to keep it a secret from certain people, no matter what your reasoning behind it is. It's your secret and you keep it for as long as you need to. It doesn't make you a bad person, at least not in my eyes! xxx

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