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July 18th, 2013, 07:07 PM
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I went to my appointment today, I had my NST first and the doctor said it was really good. I got my induction date, August 9th. He did the strep B test. Then he checked to see if I was dilating bc I started losing my plug on Monday, and he said that I was 1cm dilated which he said was kind of early for a 1st time mom and there is a chance I might not make it to my induction date... However he said some women stay 1cm for awhile! Also, I was measuring 1/2 a week behind.. Which is weird cause for th past two months I was measuring 1/2 a week ahead. I have a two vessel cord and I read around 35/36 weeks these babies growth can slow.. So idk if hers is! The doctor wasn't concerned at all, though. But good appt! Praying my results are negative!
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