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July 18th, 2013, 11:54 PM
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dang Jen... and I thought my list was bad.. I've got a double pill case and realized tonight if I can find Folate and a B complex.. I'm gonna need a bigger case. That or I need to suck up the price and buy the 400mg CoQ10 rather than 2 200's... They're just a better price *pout*.

That's what I'm dealing with Rachel... unknown bruise. It started as a few little red pricks I thought they were spider veins... but it's getting bigger. I suspect the way I sit is causing it to stretch and bleed more. All the other bruises are in places I'm likely to whack off something. I asked the nurse at the doctors office and she told me to take B-12 in either liquid or dissolvable tablet (and to get real B12, not fake).

But seriously, my pills are a meal in themselves. I'm pretty sure I could skip breakfast if I took them all at once.
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