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July 19th, 2013, 03:11 AM
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Where do you suppose you'll be in 2 years? (geographically, career-wise, etc...) I'm itching to get out of the city, so hopefully in a more rural area. my ultimate dream is a house in the boonies with a few acres and an awesome garden.. far fetched for me, but nice.
I do hope by the time 2 years come, i'll FINALLY be in college, probably online classes though, so I can sahm for the time being.

What kinds of things do you hope to be doing at that point?

Where do you suppose you'll be in 5 years? I hope that one of us will make enough that the other will be able to be a sahm/or sahd. I don't really like the thought of daycare. i hope that we'll be able to purchase a house.

Do you have plans for your children at that point (what school they'll be in, hobbies, etc...): this is my first kid, If it's a boy... we are so getting him into hockey. If it's a girl probably ice skating *i started when I was 4*, or i'd love to get her into horse back riding... and probably in preschool
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