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July 19th, 2013, 09:15 AM
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My son Aiden just turned 1 saturday. When he was born his eyes were dark grey/navy blue. By 3 months they were greenish brown. By 6 months they became light brownish with a greenish greyish tint. At 9 months they became honey brown but in the sun you can see green on the outter edges. When he cries they turn/look green. And depending on his surroundings outside they can look green or grey. Sometimes they can even look dark brown depending on the light, angle, surroundings etc. But they are predominately honey brown. What color are his eyes brown, honey brown, chestnust, hazel etc? And will they get lighter or darker. I know of many people whose eyes were born with grey/navy blue eyes that turned brown and than turned hazel as they got older. Has anyone ever experienced eyes changing consistantly. Especially going from the grey color to a brown color to another? If so how long did it take for your babys eye color to be set. Here is a picture when using the flash indoors. Can you tell me what color they look like please. I will try to post pictures for each month I specified in the beginning. Thanks soooo much.

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