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July 19th, 2013, 09:57 AM
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The twins were in the NICU for 28 days. They had no major health issues at all, thank goodness! Their main issue was one all preemies have...they couldn't coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe routine necessary to eat, so they had to stay to eat and gain weight. They also each spent a couple of days under the bili lights for jaundice.

Abigail could have left the NICU a few days sooner, but since they had room available, we just kept her there until George was ready to come home. I was living at the hospital (they let me use a room and live there like it was a hotel), so it was much easier to have them both in the same place.

LOL, sorry for the long, rambling answers

Melissa & DH
IVF babies Claire (5), Abigail (3) and George (3)

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