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July 19th, 2013, 10:09 AM
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Question? I have an "Insta Teen" in my house. My husbands 16 year old daughter has come to live with us. Her grades were bad and he felt it was best for her to be in a more structured environment. Our daughter is 2.5 so I have no experience with a teenager. She has been reprimanded by her Father for inappropriate Facebook behavior like bad language, and complaining about other kids in a violent way (ie, saying "I wanna punch a ho"). Since he has talked to her about it we have not seen a status update from her. She is on all the time so I know she is blocking us from seeing them. I see this as a blatant lack of respect for her father and I. I am 8 months pregnant and gave up my bedroom so she could move in and better herself (sorry, pregnancy hormones I am sure are making me a little bitter). We really want her to make the best out of her last 2 years of high school. Facebook comments got her in trouble at her old school with other kids and the principle. She is starting a new school next month and we don't want the same problems. We want full access to her page. How should we handle this? My husband does not want to ban her from FB because she will just make a page at school or a friends house that we will never know about. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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