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July 19th, 2013, 12:58 PM
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This thread is a couple of weeks old now, but I wanted to let you ladies know that your frustrations about some of the comments made in that thread were very validating for me. I read through that thread when it was posted (we were road tripping and I was killing some time creeping in other DDCs - ours can be slow some days ) and was really hurt by the same comments referenced here.

I'm a stb FTM. I am a huge believer in NCB and am planning to go that route. I've been reading books, watching documentaries and otherwise educating myself about birth for a couple of years, since before my dh and I were even ready to start ttc. I truly believe that it's the best path for me. It can be really hurtful when people make comments about being glad that you failed, or that imply that you're stupid or crazy or a snob if you choose that route. I'm planning to a NCB because I believe that I can and because I believe it's the best choice *for me*. I've had to abstain from talking much about my birth preferences in some circles (not my DDC thankfully - they're fantastic ) because I don't want to deal with the eye rolling or the scoffing or the sarcastic, defensive comments from other people - and it makes me really sad that ANYONE has to feel that way about their personal birth choices.

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