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July 19th, 2013, 01:17 PM
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Yeah some people's comments are too much when you already are nervous about making sure baby is getting what she needs.

We had that same experience with my inlaws...."my kids slept through the night at 6 weeks and we just put them in their cribs".

Well in my opinion you fed them inappropriate food and ignored them and that's why they slept. Someone will always have an opinion. You are doing what baby needs and remember nursing is not about eating only. Baby may just need to feel you. 8-10 hours in a crib is a long time. You would never put baby in a crib during the day and shut the door and expect baby to go for 8 hours without needing you and food. It is stupid that we expect them to do that at night.

I think you are doing well. I am right there with you though because I can't fall back to sleep right away so I am basically awake from like 2am until we get up.

The other thing I will say is that I used to work as a lactation consultant and so many women said they "couldn't breastfeed" because they didn't have enough milk. Well in order to keep your supply you really do need at least one night feeding but so many women felt pressure to make baby sleep through the night they skip feedings or supplement a bottle and the milk goes away.

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