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July 19th, 2013, 06:15 PM
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OK. So I am finally breaking down and writing a post and I promise to keep you all updated because I really hate when people just drop off the face of the earth and you are left wondering what the final outcome is.

On Monday I took a 88 cent walmart preg test and looked at it for seriously 10 seconds and threw it out cuz I just assumed negative. I've been wanting to take this antibiotic for a uti but i just want to be really sure that im not pregnant. I was reading about the test accuracy online and decided to dig it out the trash to cross reference....well what do you was positive. You know what happens <3 starts jumping for joy! I call my friend and the convo quickly turns into a possible evaporation line......

Fast forward......6 hpts later....from Monday to Thursday morning....i had 6 faint positives.

Today (Friday) I decide to go to the doctor to get some ease of mind with blood work. They urine test me and the nurse tells me its negative....when in fact it was once again another faint positive....i got a chance to see it. They did my blood work (waiting on results) and I talked to the doctor. He was a serious buzz kill....he expects my test line to be much darker since I have been testing since Monday. He pretty much told me that he is expecting this pregnancy to end in a miscarriage....or that I maybe have an ovarian cyst......

I really just don't kno what to think and I am obviously driving myself crazy in this process of ttc.

I was taking vitex....i started it about 2 months ago right after my cycle but it gave me the worst headaches I stopped...i have not seen a cycle since then. I had some light spotting the next month but that is all. Recently I went out of town, for four days, and I didn't take the vitex with now i'm freaked that I quit it cold turkey....which I've also heard can cause a mc.


Should I keep popping those vitex pills even though I haven't been taking them for about a week.....? I've only heard positive results from people that took them through their pregnancies....i seriously have not heard one person complain of a birth defect or mc due to continuing taking the pills through the first trimester.

Also, I think I ovulated on (or very close to) July 4th as I felt some pain on the left side....what should I be expecting my hcg blood results to be at say around 14 dpo?
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