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July 19th, 2013, 06:57 PM
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I dont know if any of you remember me i was on this board last year with my first pregnancy I was planning to go for a natural hospital birth.

I failed when I went in to the hospital in Oct at 35 weeks with heavy bleeding. they gave me a shot to stop the labor which didnt kick in untill after my water broke so after contracting all night Waiting for the shot to wear all the way off I caved for an epi. I actually was not completly unhappy with my birth expireance all said and done I progressed very quickly post epi and was able to vaginally delivered a beautiful baby boy with his father by my side. there were even only minor concerns...... my fluid had filled with blood which he swollowed he also developed janduice and had touble regulating his body tempurature. but after just 2 weeks in the hospital he came home with us and we are now the proud parents of a very happy, super healthy, boobie loveing 9 month old (hes 23 lbs now )

well turns out im pregnant agin so now I get another try at this whole birth thing........ and im definatly leaning towards trying to do it naturaly. I know it will be a hospital birth again I was to nervous to try a home birth the first go round but im defiatly to nervouse to try it now. I also wont persay be upset if I end up with another epi but I really do feel id be more in tune with a natural birth. I didnt particualerly like alot of the hospitaly things and am really hopeing to go full term and be able to go to the hospital only for the grand finally this time. I also know in my gut that the major thing that held me back from being succesfull last time was fear so hopefully i can over come that this go round.

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