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July 19th, 2013, 07:24 PM
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E may know his ABCs, but tells me "noooo" each time I try to sing it. (I am pretty tone deaf!) He can name all the main Disney and Sesame Street characters, along with some animals and the noises they make, but doesn't really name colors independently. He'll say "twooooo" and sometimes "feeee" if I start counting, but doesn't really count otherwise. He says some two word phrases (no Daddy, Bye Daddy), and can show possession (momma car, daddy chair).

I think Kynslee is right on track! Complete an Ages & Stages Questionnaire if you are concerned! Great Start / Ages and Stages Developmental Questionnaires (ASQs)

By the way - how do you know she has a 150 word vocabulary? I can't even imagine counting all the words E knows!

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