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July 19th, 2013, 07:47 PM
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Hi! My name is Angela...I came to these forums on and off throughout my pregnancy and finally decided to join (better late then never right??) I had Jack Joseph on June 26th. He weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and was 20 inches long. My due date was on July 8th but due to problems with preeclampsia I was induced early. My induction took a while to kick in. I went into L & D with a crazy headache and I started seeing spots on the 25th. I had high BP during most of my pregnancy and did 24 hour urine tests once a week (I kept a mini fridge in my office at work since I started these at 22 weeks). I was not dilated at all when we started. The next morning we tried a different route because I was still closed. I was told at 4pm they would do the balloon if I opened a little and if all else failed the next day (the 27th) I would have a c-section. When the Dr. was getting ready to put the balloon in I had just adjusted myself and got into the stirrups and POP my water broke (right on the dr too...oops!) and he told me we were changing plans again because now we were making progress (finally!) He started me on pitocin and the nurse ordered my epi. at 7pm because contractions were starting to kick in and hurt, I was at 8 cm. I got my epidural and it was fantastic for about two hours. I felt great! All the sudden my drugs wore off despite pressing the button for more. The only thing numb was my left leg and I was having really bad contractions. I started pushing at 10pm and Jack arrived at 11:34pm. My husband was great. He had to help me with my left leg while pushing because I couldn't move it at all he also saw everything during the delivery process and was great during the whole thing. I stayed in the hosp. until Friday. I had 3rd degree tears and an episiotomy (sp?) done and boy did that hurt afterwards! Sorry for such a long story but I figured if I am gonna join then I should give a little background info.
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