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July 19th, 2013, 08:50 PM
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Could I have your thoughts on the following names? My last name sounds like "Noise" so it's pretty tough to work with. Almost all of these have family names or derivatives in the middle name spot. NEW SUGGESTIONS WELCOME.


Charlotte Beatrice (probably would go by "Charlie")
Charlotte Cora (DH is Corey) The only prob with this is that I might want to use Cora in the future.
Charlotte Sophie
Cora Rosalie
Cora Francesca
Eloise Caroline
Lilah Seraphine
Lilah Caroline
Aria Marguerite


Everett Calvin
Eli Shepherd
Henry Brian
Gabriel Brian
Malcolm Brian
Leo Ignatius
Theodore "Theo" Lee
Charles "Charlie" David

I also love Lulu/Lou for a girl, but I feel like Eloise "Noise" is a bit awkward, so any ideas?

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