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July 19th, 2013, 11:46 PM
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So here I am again. I'm a 28 year old married lady with a dog and a cat and a house and a car. The last time I posted regularly was in June 2011 and I'd just gotten married. The plan was to start TTC in June 2012 - a year after. But everything just happened... in May of 2012 we bought our first home, which was one of the things I wanted to cross off my "before baby" list. We moved in almost a year ago - July 2012.

So, with a new house purchase came a lot of debt - getting used to paying different bills - wanting to do some renovations etc. So we decided to wait. I wanted to wait another year. So we decided June 2013.

June has just passed and... we're still not really yet. Okay so we're READY, but some major things aren't in place yet. I don't become full-time permanent at my job until February 2015... and even though we COULD have a baby now, it is a much better idea to wait until after I become full-time permanent.

I'm already part-time permanent, and eligible for maternity leave benefits etc. BUT I want to guarantee that I have a FULL TIME job to come back to after a year.... I've been working full time there for the last 3 years, but my status is still part-time. In February 2013 I got offered an actual full-time position but I have to work it for 24 months before becoming full-time permanent.

So - I'm doing the responsible thing and waiting before trying to conceive. It's really difficult when you are 100% ready minus this one major detail. That and I feel like I'm the last 28 year old on earth to not start a family. I know it's not true, but...

But this gives me some time to work on things... I'm diabetic and I could really stand to lose 50-60 lbs. I don't smoke and I only drink socially so that isn't a problem. But I also have depression... which is related to a mild form of borderline personality disorder... so I'm on medication: Prozac, Trazodone, and just today I was prescribed Wellbutrin because my doctor thinks I might have ADD - but that is another story. I take Metformin for diabetes as well as insulin. I'm pretty sure I'll have to come off some of these meds... and I really do need to take control of my diabetes because I haven't been...

I also have this fear that I'll have waited too long and then I won't be able to get pregnant. Partly due to my weight, partly due to my diabetes and partly because my husband had cancer and might not have enough sperm. We do have some banked in case, but that can be a whole other ballgame that I'd rather avoid.

Anyway, that's me.

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