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July 20th, 2013, 07:47 AM
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Since so many of you have had field trips to L&D, I must have gotten unconsciously jealous because I ended up there last night.

It started the night before- vomiting, dizziness, headache, then continued on through Friday, which is when the contractions started. I tried to lay on my left side and sip fluids, but it didn't work so the doctor suggested that I come on in. They stuck me on the monitor which showed that I was contracting, but it they weren't regular and weren't lasting long - they said I had an "irritable uterus" which ultimately calmed down after receiving 2 bags of IV fluids.

I jokingly told the doc that I almost didn't come because I really didn't want to be *that* woman, but she was totally cool about it, telling me that's what they are there for, and even adding in something about dehydration sending signals to the brain that are similar to what's sent when labor is necessary...basically it could have gotten worse.

Moral of the story - drink, drink, drink, and if you can't, go get hydrated!

Sorry if there are typos - Im sending this through my phone, which loves to auto-correct
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