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July 20th, 2013, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Hopeful2BMommy View Post
Missy, I'm sorry it wasn't a miracle for your little one lol
I don't see how he could get his arms out so easily. I don't think Eli could ever get them out. When I wrap his arms, I take the fabric over his arm and pull completely underneath him on both sides. Is this how you did it?
I wasn't sure how he was doing it either! My husband said he was Houdini. Haha. I guess I just didn't have it tight enough? I was putting it over his arm and behind his back, but I guess with him fighting me and wiggling around, he got it loose before I got the rest tight? The last time he didn't wiggle at all and just let me do it, so I was able to wrap him tight enough that he stayed in it. I think now that he knows he likes it and isn't fighting it and now that I know I can get it on him correctly, it will help. At first I thought "this is crap and is never going to work!" But then I finally got it on him and it was much better. I woke up thinking he'd only been asleep for an hour max, but when I looked at my clock and realized it had been almost 4 hours, I couldn't believe it! I have faith that tonight will be better!
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