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July 20th, 2013, 11:20 AM
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I wouldn't worry. All kids learn at different ages and rates. And it all depends on what they are doing.

I do think that my older son was more advanced as far as academic stuff at this age than my little one is because he was in daycare and they had preschool time from 1 year old on. This little guy doesn't sit still long enough to get through a whole book with me. If we are counting anything he will repeat it or say whats next, but he quickly gets more into trying to knock down whatever we are counting with. I think if he was around other kids his age that were doing this everyday he may be a little calmer.

My nephew was constantly watching Sesame Street and knew all his colors and letters and shapes by his 2nd birthday. And while it was great he knew that stuff it probably wasn't great he spent so much time in front of the tv. He seriously watched hours of it a day.

I do think that my youngest is more coordinated than my older son was at this age. My youngest constantly wants to be outside jumping on the trampoline with me, playing on his playsets, driving his little cars, and playing in his sandbox. When we go to the park he goes down all the big slides and runs around like one of the big kids.

He talks a lot, but mostly 1 or 2 words at a time.

At this age I don't focus too much on pushing anything. I figure things will come as they are supposed to.

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