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July 20th, 2013, 01:05 PM
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^^This is going to sound awful...but it's kinda fun after you have already had a NCB. Because people's negativity becomes almost validating of your abilities. Them "Oh wait til you feel those'll cave" You: "oh, I've done it, I love it and powered through them" Them: Oh, why would you want to feel that pain?" You: "Oh, the feeling of euphoria right afterward is so worth it, all those endorphins rushing in. It's unreal." Etc. I think it's hardest for FTMs, they get so much negativity and assumptions because they "haven't done it." But it's like saying I can't have an opinion on car ownership simply because I've always leased. Stooopid! Lol. It's all so sad, the opinions of others on your own desires.
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