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July 20th, 2013, 06:05 PM
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I know people mean well.. BUT, STILL !!! ugh.. was at the store today and ran into two ladies I know who asked me when I am due.. I said "5 weeks, well, 35 days sounds better" and they both laughed and said , "oh my gosh, 35 LONG days!! "... I laughed and said , "your not making it any better"... I tried to be lighthearted but, it really bothers me when people say stuff like that!! I mean- I am already REALLY struggling with the fact that I have to go 5 more weeks and I already feel so bad, but I DONT need other people saying stuff like that to me!!!

When I see women at the end of their pregnancy and I ask them when they are due, even if they are HUGE and say they have 3 months left, I calmly respond with something like, "oh, that's just around the corner" or, "you don't have long now"....


I seriously want to lock myself in my house until she's born. I've already gotten two phone calls asking if the baby was born and I know it gets worse as it gets closer. I don't even answer the phone!!!
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