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July 20th, 2013, 09:02 PM
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Well hopefully the clarification from the dr helped calm your nerves a little? I will pray for a good report at the 3 month checkup.
I have 3 boys A+ and I am O+.
Birthing my third son was the first time we had problems. He was very jaundiced and they made him spent the first day under the bili lights and I was only to take him out to nurse. It was torture .. he was undressed, flailing his arms, had goggles on, and was crying most of the time he was in there. I stood at his side holding his hands trying to console him but then ended up nursing and holding him for longer then they suggested when we were alone because I couldn't stand it. I was completely exhausted when we left the hosp.
Everything was fine with him in the end, no longlasting issues. I am sure hoping i don't have this problem again with baby girl though.

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