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July 20th, 2013, 09:34 PM
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I have had 3 that have all been great. I don't want to get one this time, since I want the natural experience but I think they can be super helpful if needed.
First one was with a long labor and pitocin and I wouldn't have survived without. I was able to take a short nap after being awake the previous 36 hours. I could still feel urge to push and ctrx when it was time. At one point I actually wanted more meds than they would allow, while waiting hours for lip on cervix to move and resisting the urge to bear down, that was pretty bad even with the epi. And when they were going to sew the episiotomy I could feel it so I asked for something else to be given
Second baby I got it at 8cm and 45 min from delivery. Couldn't feel anything pain or pressure and they had to tell me when I had ctrx.
Third baby I got it at 6cm. I could still feel ctrx and felt more involved in the birth but it didn't hurt.
I guess I have had great Drs. The placements have all been great, numbed both sides, no headaches. I do clutch pillow and sit as still as possible when they put it in, which is quite a challenge with crtx.
I also get the cold feeling and get terribly itchy with epidurals. They have to give me some benadryl for that.
Once you get the epidural you will get a catheter placed and can no longer get up at all, so be ready to be bedbound.

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