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July 20th, 2013, 10:46 PM
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Avery- I view this as a girl name, it's an okay girl name, but not my favorite.
Blake- boy but outdated. I knew a lot of Blakes when I was a kid and they were all boys.
Camden- boy but not a good boy name, I really dislike -den names.
Emery- I love this name. I view it as girl. For a boy I'd use Emerson.
Emerson- haha see above^ love this name.
Hennessy- I don't know if I view this as a boy or girl name but I'd think his/her parents were alcoholics. It just makes me think of the liquor.
Kemper- boy but rhymes with temper which I don't like.
Kestyn- girl? Looks like a disease
Logan- boy, like it.
Lane- boy, love especially for a middle name
Peyton- I view this as unisex but it is becoming more girl for me as I hear more girls with this name. I like it but wouldn't use it.
Paxton- boy, it's okay. Not my favorite.
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