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July 20th, 2013, 10:54 PM
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Currently 11 DPO and have had lots of cramping, tired, creamy CM and the girls have been ridiculously sore. I keep thinking AF is going to show and then nothing. My temps have been almost flat and still above cover line.

One BFN on a pink line non FRER or IC test. Just a grocery store special. And because of our towns insanely high birth rate I can't find any $store cheapies and the next cheapest is the grocery store ones. I may have to splurge on a double pack of FRER's here tomorrow if it's still high. But we'll see I am going to see my doc on Tuesday for something else and if I'm strong and AF hasn't arrived by then I'll test at the doctor's It's free there and I'm trying to save $$ for vacation!

I have also been super emotional and mood swingy and more. Today was the first day I didn't really have many/any symptoms except the girls again were super sore and I'm exhausted! But no preAF breakout/acne and while I was a little irritable one day it could be attributed to other things and it was quite a few days ago...
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