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July 21st, 2013, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Purple_cat View Post
She got up for the day at 6 am. How do you get your babies to sleep in later than that? I got about six hours of broken sleep last night.
Babies are just all different. L won't go down for the night until 11pm at least. He sleeps from 9-10 but won't nurse back to sleep at 10 he wants to be wide awake and play for 1-2 hours. Some of the other babies I see going to bed at 9 for the night. You just have to play around with bedtimes. L also sleeps much better after a lavender bath.. We use real essential oils not J&J. He also sleeps much better on top of me. If I put him in his PNP then he's very noisy and squirms all around and barely sleeps.

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