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July 21st, 2013, 01:50 PM
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Before putting little man on zantac I am trying dairy free and was also told by my Aunt to cut out citrus. To keep little guy completely upright for 25 minutes after each feeding. To only allow him to drink or nurse for small amounts and then burp frequently during small amounts and that so far seems to help just with the keeping upright and small amounts and burping frequently as Im not sure how long the diet changes will take to fully affect my milk supply. Last night was much better though. And I give him his Paci (he loves the Gumdrop one) after I have let him drink about 2.5 to 3 oounces and also was told to not let him get over hungry or too excited before a feeding. And also I burp him about 4 times during a 3 ounce feeding. My aunt and cousin are almost positive that Tristan has silent reflux and both are nurses so I am sure they are right. And my cousins two boys apparently had the same problem. I was also told if he still seemed fussy after all these changes to add in giving him something like gripe water as gas can make it worse apparently. So I will try all these before starting zantac as I am not real comfortable giving him meds without trying natural methods first.

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