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July 21st, 2013, 01:57 PM
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Born on her due date, July 17th at 4:34 pm. Weighing 7 lbs and 2.6 oz and 19 3/4 inches. No epi like I wanted

Had appt Tuesday the 16th (day before due date) and had a membrane sweep. 5 minutes later there was bright red bleeding and a clot the size of a quarter. Initially start thinking that labor should follow in the next few days. Go home, get some stuff done. Had mild contractions that night for about an hour or two. They were every 5 minutes but only 30 seconds. Felt more like annoying period cramps.
Decided to go to bed early that night, about 9-9:30. Woke up a few times with the same mild contractions here and there. Maybe only once every hour. I wake up at 5 am unable to sleep anymore. (I get that vomit/burp taste in my mouth.) I decide to wake up and eat something because my stomach is probably empty.
The contractions keep steady at every 5ish minutes, although they were also pretty irregular, sometimes every 10 minutes, some every 2-3. Decide though that pain isn't great enough yet. This is when my nesting starts kicking in. I clean the house as much as possible. Contractions get a little stronger but still averaging 30-45 seconds. I sent my daughter to preschool with a friend at 11:00, decide to call DH so we have time for him to get home and get to the hospital.
I arrive at the hospital at 12:30. It took an extra 10 minutes to walk to L&D because at this point is when they start hurting enough to stop me in my tracks. I get checked right away and am at 5cm. (Was 2 at the appt the day before.) Contractions quickly pick up to 3 minutes apart and at least a minute a piece. I'm still in triage at this point (they were short some nurses who went to an unscheduled OR trip.) Around 2:30 I start telling Ben to ask the nurse to have me checked. I'm feeling much more pressure and contractions are growing stronger fast. (I know I'm transitioning.) I feel like I have to throw up but never do, I get extremely hot after contractions. Nurses come to get me from Triage about 3 (no real knowledge of time as I asked husband maybe once or twice.) They ask if I want a wheel chair, I say no as it hurts to sit and feel too much pressure. It does take me maybe 5 minutes to walk to the room.
I start telling them that I might want an epi depending on how dilated I am because I am losing all energy and know I will need it to push. They check me a little after 3pm and I am 9cm with a little lip of cervix. Water was broken for me. It only takes about 45 minutes for that cm and lip to disappear. I don't have an overwhelming urge to push but midwife says try. I discover it relieves pressure and helps minimize contractions. I try pushing but I'm wiped out. Don't feel like I can do it at this point but know there is no choice. Wow, did it hurt to push! (I also had some leg pain from a previous injury, so that made it a little harder. Plus one of the nurses had to keep the heart monitor jammed into my pelvis the whole freaking time. Took maybe about 30-40 minutes to push her out. She was born at 4:34 pm
1st degree tear and needed 3 stitches. I never got to go into the tub like I wanted. I was so hot that I was naked the whole time (except while walking to L&D room), the nurses came into the room with me that way. Butt *** naked on all fours. What a view! Said that I was only the 3rd birth they'd seen with no meds. (Not like I had much of a choice anyways. I didn't want an epi but was open to it. Decided there was no point when already at 9cm) DH did have his feelings hurt a bit, he was very good support but I didn't want him to touch me, asked him to stop talking and basically give me space. He said he's over it. I did warn him though. I told him it was too hard to concentrate on the contractions, everyone else asking questions, being so hot, then have him touching me and talking to me while I feel like I had to throw up.
Much faster than with DD. Her labor was 27-28 hours if you count the early labor I had that day. Of course she is perfect in every way We are struggling with breast feeding though and supplement with syringe in small amounts.

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